Today I realized that I have over 50 pairs of shoes. Not seen on the pic are two pairs  of wellies (one polka dotted and one plain black). Not sure if I should find this sad or cool. xD

(Notice how I have absolutely NO preferred style. I wear pretty much everything I like.)

  1. siriuslymeg said: Whoa…I only have like…3 pairs. XD Wait… my eyes deceive me or do I see some orange flip flops? I thought you didn’t care for orange. You got some ‘splainin to do! XD
  2. mepheesto reblogged this from thestarsandthepolkadots and added:
    …leopardy chucks. WANT. WHO AM I FOOLING I WANT ‘EM ALL. I’m pretty sure I’d simply LOVE your style, woman.
  3. ijustfakeit said: Where do you keep all those? omg
  4. loliwobbles said: omg soooo jealous!!! The Hello Kitty slippers are too cute ^^
  5. gingerbreadcat said: Woah… :0 That is certainly a lot of shoes… I only really have about 5 pairs. x)
  6. sigridlaurent said: Wow! You have a lot of shoes! XD
  7. karrey said: Whaaaaat!? XD Wow, how do you make space for all of that? I only have space for 5-6 pair of shoes - if I get a new pair I need to throw one away. Amazing collection, nonetheless. I am envious!
  8. gingerhaole said: Whoa. Girl, you got a problem.
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